Proven quality and reliability for the most demanding applications

We understand the demands that critical processes place on the equipment they depend on. With our supplier partners, we have developed a product offering to meet these stringent requirements. Whether the application involves polymer chains, high pressure steam, three-phase flow streams, or multi-port diversion, our team can offer valves to ensure that your plant meets its reliability, availability, and profitability objectives.

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In-line Repairable Valves for Urea Service

The Conval Urea Valve was designed for use in the high-pressure piping of urea reactors, strippers, and condensers. Working with end users, extensive research into materials was performed by Conval’s engineering department to ensure compatibility with line media in these areas. The urea valve is available in sizes up to 4”, in 3 body styles (Y, T, and angle) and pressure classes through ANSI 2500.

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