Safe and reliable solutions for pipeline, storage, and upgrading

Midstream oil and gas has been a key industrial sector served by Armour Valve, including the transmission and storage of bitumen, conventional crude, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and natural gas – and bitumen upgrading. Armour Valve has worked closely with end users in the field to understand and address their everyday reliability and safety challenges, as well as with engineers and planners on projects to expand Canada’s transmission capacity.

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Protect your personnel and processes

SchuF Tank Emergency Shut-Off (TESO) valves ensure that your storage tank seals quickly and safely in the event of an emergency loss of power or natural disaster. Available in disc, lift plug, or bottom-outlet variations, TESO valves are designed to close on failure of power, protecting against process loss and hazards to personnel and fulfilling the API 625 requirement for refrigerated liquefied gas storage.

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