Mining & Ore Processing


High-risk workplaces require unique engineered solutions that can withstand the rigours of harsh environments. The products that Armour Valve provides to customers in the mining and ore processing industry are specifically designed with safety, durability, and efficiency in mind. We provide solutions for your most challenging applications, including those involving highly abrasive and corrosive line media, autoclave isolation and control, cyclone cleaning, power generation, and water and tailings management.

Key Applications

  • Acid plant gases isolation and control
  • Concentrator slurries
  • Cyclone solids removal
  • Dilution water
  • High pressure slurry isolation
  • Hydrometalurgical process slurry isolation and control
  • Metal concentrates
  • Mine shaft dewatering
  • Slurry line pressure relief/vacuum break
  • Slurry pump drain isolation
  • Slurry pump isolation/non-return
  • Tailings slurries
  • Valve automation and control
  • Wastewater treatment

Armour Valve Solutions

  • Ceramic ball and sliding disc valves, pipes and elbows
  • Dead space free bottom outlet valves
  • Expansion joints
  • EZI-Vac pressure release/vacuum break valves
  • Instrument pressure isolator rings
  • Maxi-Check H high pressure ball check valve
  • Maxi-Check I non-return isolation valve
  • Maxi-Check L low pressure ball check valve
  • O-Port slide gate valves
  • Penta-wedge slurry gate valve
  • Pinch valves
  • Pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators
  • Sampling valves
  • Severe service metal seated ball valves
  • Severe service slurry control valves
  • SLV/F/H/X slurry knife gate valves


Steam Generation and Control

We offer a complete range of valves and level measurement equipment for steam generation and control at combined cycle, HRSG, and conventional power plants.