Oil & Gas Transmission


One of the key industrial sectors served by Armour Valve has been the transmission and storage of oil and natural gas – from bitumen and conventional crude to liquid natural gas (LNG) and natural gas. For more than 30 years, Armour Valve has worked closely with end users in the field to understand their everyday challenges, as well as with engineers and planners working on projects that will expand Canada’s transmission capacity.


  • Bypass isolation
  • Charge isolation
  • Diluent isolation
  • Emergency dump
  • Instrument bleed and isolation
  • Main isolation
  • Main slurry line
  • Pig launcher operation and isolation
  • Pump and compressor isolation
  • Quick swing (less than 1 minute) line blinds
  • Tank emergency shut-off
  • Valve automation and control
  • Venting and draining
  • Water crossing isolation

Armour Valve Solutions

  • Cam-Set, Cam-Slide, and Stacey line blinds
  • Fully welded pipeline ball valves
    • Above-ground
    • Buried
    • Sub-sea
  • Pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators
  • Severe service ball valves
  • Tank emergency shut-off valves