Our Commitment


Through honesty, professionalism, and creativity we strive to provide excellent service, optimal business and engineering solutions, and continuous sales support to our customers and suppliers. We are committed to ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction, quality, and health and safety in our own business, as well as in the products and services that we provide to our customers.


Armour Valve was founded on the fundamental belief in fostering enduring business relationships. We know that a customer’s trust must be earned by consistently delivering a high level of service and outstanding product expertise.

Our team is committed to working closely with our suppliers to ensure that our customers’ needs are met on each and every order. We take pride in knowing that our customers are satisfied with our products and services, consistently receiving high marks for customer satisfaction.


In 1997, Armour Valve received its ISO 9002 certification; in December 2003, we upgraded to ISO 9001.

The ISO 9001 international standard provides an organizational framework for quality, control and improvement. By applying the requirements throughout our organization, Armour Valve ensures that processes are in place and being followed to meet or exceed customer product and service requirements, helping us to achieve our customer satisfaction goal.

Maintaining and improving our quality standards is an ongoing effort. Periodic surveillance audits are conducted by an independent registrar to ensure that ISO standards are consistently met from year to year. With more than 15 years of ISO compliance and experience, Armour Valve’s commitment to quality is clear.


Armour Valve recognizes that a company’s most important resource is its people. We supply products and services that help to protect the health and safety of workers and reduce emissions.

Beginning with the Conval CLAMPSEAL® globe valve, Armour Valve has actively sought to represent valve products that are inherently safe and reliable. It is of utmost importance to us that no family be adversely affected by the performance of our represented products. Therefore, the majority of our products exceed current Occupational Health & Safety and/or Boiler Branch requirements.

Our representatives are trained to provide industry with engineered solutions to identified workplace hazards. Our range of experience and depth of knowledge in several industry sectors enables us to draw on the best practices available and transfer solutions from one sector to another. This expertise provides an added value to Armour Valve customers.

Working alongside engineers, designers, field personnel and vendors we continue to search for new solutions and products that advance best practices in industry health and safety and emissions reduction.