Power Generation


For more than 30 years, Armour Valve has supplied quality engineered products and solutions to Canada’s power producers. We offer solutions for use in a wide range of applications and services in baseload, peaking, co-generation, and combined cycle/HRSG plants involving a range of fuel sources. Our products offer unique time and money saving solutions for:

  • Temperatures up to 1200 deg F
  • Pressures up to ASME 4500 Class
  • Sizes from ¼” to 60″

Key Applications

  • Automatic recirculation control and pulp protection
  • Boiler vents, drains, blowdown, isolation
  • Boiler/drum level indication, turbine water induction protection
  • Burner and gas supply lines
  • Compressor stations
  • Feedwater vents, drains, isolation, control, attemperation
  • Flyash isolation, hopper isolation
  • Instrument Isolation
  • Main steam stop, check, stop/check, control, attemperation
  • Sampling
  • Soot blower isolation
  • Steam conditioning, temperature control, desuperheating, control valves
  • Turbine stop, drains, by-pass, control
  • Valve automation and control
  • Waste water, slurry systems

Armour Valve Solutions

  • Aquarian electronic level indicators
  • Aquarian visual gauges
  • Attemperators/desuperheaters
  • Automatic pump recirculation valves
  • Fully welded ball valves
  • Camseal top entry metal-seated ball valves
  • Clampseal™ HP globe valves
  • Control valves
  • Electro-hydraulic actuators
  • High performance butterfly valves
  • High pressure valves
  • Hydraulic Power and Control Units (HPUs/HCUs)
  • Multi-nozzle desuperheater
  • Knife gate valves
  • Needle valves
  • O-Port slide gate valves
  • Pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators
  • Pressure seal bonnet gate and check valves
  • Pump protection recirculation control valves
  • RapidLok™ series safety quick couplings
  • Single alarm probes
  • Steam conditioning valves
  • Throttling valves
  • Turbine bypass systems


Steam Generation and Control

We offer a complete range of valves and level measurement equipment for steam generation and control at combined cycle, HRSGs and conventional power plants.