Through our Customer Care program, Armour Valve offers a range of complementary and competitively-priced services designed to extend the life of your existing equipment and simplify planning for shutdown and replacement. For more information about any of our services please contact us or request information using the links below.

Customer Care Coordinator

Natalie Ganesh

As Armour Valve’s Customer Care Coordinator, Natalie is responsible for ensuring that customers receive the after market support that they need. She collaborates with customers to tailor our programs to match each plant’s unique needs. She then works closely with our service, sales, and support teams to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with the service that they receive.



Annual Valve Health Check

Hands-On Service

Armour Valve offers a complementary service designed to help customers identify potentially costly problems. The Health Check consists of a visual inspection of our products by an experienced member of our service team to identify signs of packing leakage, missing or damaged parts, and opportunities to improve operation and service life.




Services to Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Services to Extend Equipment Life

Expert Field Maintenance and Repair

Our factory-trained and certified service technicians are available to provide on-site repair service. We also deliver an integrated training and awareness program and on-site shutdown support service to many major power producers.| Download

Comprehensive Repair & Testing

Armour Valve maintains a fully equipped repair shop that enables us to repair and service single valves and entire skids of valves and parts. | Download

Hands-On Valve Training

Armour Valve offers maintenance training either at your site or at our Toronto training facility. Seminars include hands-on instruction in valve inspection, disassembly, parts replacement, seat refacing, reassembly, and more. Maintenance manuals, check lists and other technical resources are provided to all participants. | Download

Conval Service Tool Kit

Conval Service Toolkit

Conval CLAMPSEAL® valves have unique features which enable them to be completely serviced “in line”, eliminating the need for potentially costly removal and re-installation. Armour Valve offers complete kits of seat refacing and lapping tools for each Conval CLAMPSEAL® valve size code for rental and can also provide factory certified service representatives to perform on-site maintenance of your Conval valves. | Download

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Services to Simplify Planning & Replacement

We find solutions to your most challenging valve issues

Stocking and Supply Agreements

Armour Valve works with your planning and purchasing personnel to develop fixed pricing contracts that address factory lead time issues to ensure guaranteed stock/availability.

Materials Planning Support

While Armour Valve maintains a large inventory of standard parts, parts for special order valves are subject to factory lead times. Planning your stocking requirements for regular maintenance, and for critical emergencies, can minimize downtime and avoid costly rush charges. Armour Valve supports customer material requirements planning by providing recommendations for spare parts, including suggested quantities, typical lead times, and pricing information.

Shutdown Lockbox

Shutdown Lockbox

Plan ahead for shutdowns by arranging for a lockable box of new Conval valves and parts prior to your scheduled maintenance. Use the valves and parts you need during the shutdown and return the remaining items to Armour Valve via prepaid carrier. You will be invoiced only for the items consumed during your shutdown and no restocking charges apply for the return of standard valves and parts. | Download

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