Flow Control Industries DeltaPValve (PICV)

The DeltaPValve is a best-in-class pressure independent control valve for district energy systems. An optimized heating and cooling system can gain upwards of 30% of lost system capacity and guarantee consistent, year-round peak performance and efficiency. The unique and patented DeltaPValve design has helped save users millions of dollars in annual energy savings, reduce operating costs, and avoid capital costs during expansion.

  • Pressure independent control valve
  • Heating and chilled water, or Glycol
  • 10-year warranty on all 0.5” to 8” valves
  • Guaranteed delta T performance Valves
  • Valves ≤ 2” use with female NPT connections; valves ≥ 3” are flanged
  • Valves ≤ 1.5” are brass; valves ≥ 2” are ductile iron
  • Internal components: high-quality brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, or Teflon
  • 3 Pressure and temperature ports
  • Temp: up to 250 °F
  • Sizes: 0.5″ to 16″



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