Fossil Power Systems Aquarian Electric Level Indicators


Fossil Power Systems Inc., Aquarian Electronic Level Indication and Visual Gauge Sight Glass equipment, continue to set the industry standard whereby all others are judged for accurate and reliable measurement of the boiler steam drum water level, feedwater heater level/alarming, drain-pot level/alarming, and other applications pertaining to water detection.

Aquarian Electronic Level Indicators offer 1 to 48 or more probe levels for boiler steam drum, feedwater heater, and for turbine water induction protection.
Aquarian Electronic Level Indicator systems provides ±5VDC circuits, in field adjustment for probe sensitivity, and individual circuits and relays for output (alarm/trip) for each probe level.

  • No moving parts
  • Solid state electronics & two-colour display
  • NEMA 4x enclosure
  • Brazed probe design, Swagelok connector
  • Various electronic models available to support 1 through 48 probe levels
  • Probe rating up to 3000 psi @ 1200 ºF


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9340-1103 Aquarian 3000Mini

Applicable Boiler Code:

2008 PG-60 Illum Required

2010 PG-60

ASME 07-1821-flashlight interp

2007 PG-12Allows Mag