North Port SER100/150 – Unidirectional Valve

The North Port Series 100 and 150 unidirectional valves offer tight and reliable sealing for media such as liquids, low density stock, and moderate slurries. The series 100 is a lugged design and the series 150 a flanged design.
Both the Series 100 and 150 are manufactured with stainless steel components and equipped with a fully guided gate to prevent gate distortion in the event of back pressure and the option for either elastomer or metal-to-metal seats.

  • 2″-48″ lugged, 18″-48″ flanged
  • MSS SP 81
  • LD stock, moderate slurries, water
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Fully guided gate
  • Bubble tight elastomer seats
  • Class 3 shutoff metal-to-metal seats
  • Rising stem standard