North Port SER200 – Bi-directional Valve

The North Port Series 200 guarantees bi-directional bubble tight shutoff due to its perimeter seated design. This valve is suitable for pulp stock, slurries, powders, plastics, and more.

A two-piece DUCO stainless steel body design allows for the option to use standard perimeter seat or replaceable cartridge seats to suit the applications. The body is designed so that the 2 halves act as scrapper blades to extend the life of the packing system. Typical applications include wet and dry ash, pellets and granules, plastic chips, and slurries with heavy solids including: lime slurry, lime mud, animal rending plant waste, and raw sewage.

  • 2″-30″
  • MSS SP 81
  • Perimeter seated bi-directional bubble tight shutoff
  • Pulp stock, slurries, powders, plastics & others
  • Full port cavity free design
  • Body acts as blade scraper
  • Two piece, SS body, fully repairable
  • Non-rising stem