North Port SER300 – Scavenger Valve

The North Port Series 300 scavenger valve is designed for heavy solid and trash applications. It features a cavity-free design to eliminate the problems caused from accumulation of solids that can prevent the proper cycling of the valve.

Two-piece body design and use of replaceable wear components make this valve an economical solution as it can be fully repaired to like new condition. All North Port scavenger valves are supplied with a high cycle pneumatic cylinder, limit switch brackets, and stainless-steel cylinder lookout.

  • 3″-30″
  • MSS SP 81
  • Heavy trash applications
  • Cavity/pocket free
  • Hardened gate, guide, & cartridge
  • Beveled gate to shear heavy solids
  • Two piece, SS body, fully repairable
  • Pneumatic cylinder standard