SchuF Changeover Valves


SchuF changeover valves are designed for applications that require mandatory, dual pressure relief devices (rupture discs and relief valves).

Acting as a selector valve, the SchuF changeover valve ensures that at least one of two pressure relief devices is always in service and that full relief flow is guaranteed. The SchuF changeover valve allows for shorter transfer times and no production systems shut down. It has extremely low leakage to atmosphere and can be cleaned in service through flushing ports.

  • Tandem changeover valve design
  • Suited to applications with dual mandatory pressure relief devices (rupture discs and relief valves)
  • Ensures one pressure relief device is in service and relief flow is guaranteed during changeover
  • Carbon steel and alloy materials
  • 1″ to 14″
  • ASME Class 150 to 2500