North Port SER400 – O-Port Thru Gate Valve

The North Port Series 400 O-Port Thru Gate Valve is designed to deliver positive bi-directional shutoff for heavy slurry and scaling applications. Suitable for heavy duty and scaling applications such as : high density pulp stock isolation, black liquor and pulp stock, concentrated black liquor (solids up to 85%), phosphoric acid, green liquor, white liquor, and more.

The Series 400 design includes a special electro-polished gate with machine beveled edge standard for severe services.  The 2 body halves are precision-machined to ensure close tolerances to the gate to eliminate solid build up between components and ensure proper cycling. Purge ports are standard on all sizes.

  • 3″-30″
  • MSS SP 81
  • Bi-directional positive shutoff
  • Heavy slurry & scaling applications
  • Electro polished gate
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Cylinder recommended above 12″
  • Purge ports standard on all sizes