Canadian Registration

Canadian Registration

Requirements for doing business in Canada

CRN registration for pressure vessels and fittings

At Armour Valve, we provide advice and support to our manufacturer partners and can help them find a reputable CRN consultant to work with, as needed.

In Canada, pressure vessels and fittings used in applications where the pressure is greater than 15 psi and the line media is a liquid not more hazardous than water, are required to have a Canadian Registration Number (CRN). Products must be registered for each Canadian province in which they will be installed. Most provinces and territories, with the exception of British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, require CRN; however customers in any province can insist that product carry a CRN.

Many manufacturers find navigating the CRN registration process to be difficult. In order to obtain national CRN coverage, manufacturers must submit applications to 7 different provincial and regional organizations each of which may have different requirements and handle the registration process differently.

CSA registration for electronic components

All electronic components intended for use in Canada must bear the CSA mark or hold an equivalent approval. The CSA mark indicates that the product meets the appropriate electrical and safety code(s).

The Canadian Electrical Code is a group of over 700 standards with a wide range of scope, including safety, installation procedures, products, and energy efficiency.