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The potash industry plays a crucial role in modern agriculture, providing an essential nutrient for plant growth and contributing to increased crop yields worldwide. While potash is a potassium-rich mineral that is primarily used in fertilizer production, it has other industrial applications, such as in the production of glass and soaps. The demand for potash has been steadily increasing, driven by population growth and the need to produce more food. As a result, the potash industry has become a significant contributor to global food security.

Canada is the world’s largest potash producer. Producing potash involves mining and processing, with various factors affecting profitability, including production costs, market demand, and government regulations. The industry has faced challenges such as declining ore grades, environmental concerns, and fluctuations in commodity prices.

From controlling the flow of brine during mining to managing the movement of chemicals and gases during processing, valves are essential to ensure the safe and efficient operation of potash production facilities. At Armour Valve, we understand the critical role that valves play and offer a range of products that are designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions of potash facilities.

Solutions for Potash

The valves that we distribute are engineered to withstand the high pressures, temperatures, and abrasive materials encountered in potash mining. Our range of in-line serviceable valves minimizes maintenance downtime and maximizes productivity. Our Potash product catalog includes the following:

North Port Knife Gate Valves

North Port offers a variety of knife gate valves for mining application such as the SER100, SER200 and SER250. All valve components exposed to the external environment, such as stanchions, bolting, bridge, stem, clevis, and packing follower, are constructed using stainless steel. This choice of material effectively prevents external corrosion. The elastomer seat is also mechanically retained between body halves ensuring there is no movement or separation from the body. This design feature sets it apart from standard O-ring seated valves. In addition, the exceptional design, metallurgy, and full port characteristics of North Port valves enable hydro blasting of the piping system without the need for valve removal. This remarkable feature saves the customer both time and money.

SchuF Product Solutions

SchuF line blinds are great for isolating pipelines to ensure downstream shut-off when needed. This can all be achieved within a matter of minutes with no bolts to remove, no piping to be spread, and one-person operation. SchuF also manufactures dead space free bottom outlet valves, which are great for the draining of tanks, crystallizers and or vessels and dead space free diverter valves to direct the potash to various processing units, storage facilities, or transportation systems.

Somas Ball and Butterfly Valves

Potash can be corrosive to certain metals. The Somas ball valve body is constructed using stainless steel and incorporates spring-loaded seats, providing a tight shut-off regardless of the differential pressure. The valve is also easy to service, as the actuator does not need to be removed in order to change the seat. Low maintenance triple eccentric butterfly valves are also available from Somas.

Conval Product Solutions

Conval offers a variety of valves for high-pressure boilers for use within potash applications. Their CLAMPSEAL® Globe Valves are tailored to meet customer requirements and are available up to ASME 4500. Available in Y, T pattern and Angle, the easily interchangeable parts can be supported with a low parts inventory.

The valves manufactured by Conval feature a modular design, a welcome solution to rising maintenance costs and the Clampseal® Throttling Valves are no exception. This short 25-second video demonstrates the modular design of a Clampseal valve.

A low emissions metal-seated top entry ball valve is also available from Conval. It is important to note that Camseals can be used in place of globe valves with no special tools needed to service while offering a long service life. 

Hora Recirculation Valves

The HORA automatic recirculation valve is designed to provide reliable and long-lasting performance, effectively extending the lifespan of your centrifugal pump. One of our customers’ experienced lower capital and maintenance costs after switching to Hora Automatic Recirculation Valves.  The valve features a unique piston design and control levels that minimize the impact of system vibration and pulsations, ensuring optimal performance. It is also in-line serviceable, which reduces maintenance time and increases productivity. To further meet your specific needs, we also offer both high-pressure and low-pressure models. Additional Hora steam control solutions are also available.

Fossil Level Measurement Indicators

Fossil manufactures a level measurement solutions for use on drums, vessels and or tanks. Designed to fit various pressure temperature requirements and or adhere to ASME boiler code requirements. Aquarian Visual Level Gauges are typically used on boiler steam drums and incorporates an advanced solid-state LED illuminator. This delivers a distinct red/green level image visible from various angles. To enhance longevity, two mica discs safeguard the glass, ensuring prolonged service life. Thanks to internal Belleville washers, there is no need for excessive tightening when rebuilding the sight glasses, eliminating the requirement for hot torque.

Goetze Pressure Relief Valves

Goetze manufactures a variety of pressure relief valves to meet various material, pressure and temperature requirements. The installation and maintenance of pressure relief valves are crucial to maintaining a safe and efficient potash processing environment. Goetze pressure relief valves ensure that the pressure within high-pressure vessels, pipelines, and storage tanks remains within safe operating limits, preventing verpressure situations that could result in accidents, equipment damage, or operational disruptions.

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Armour Valve’s Commitment to Quality

At Armour Valve, we have established partnerships with some of the world’s most reputable valve manufacturers. To ensure that we offer only the highest quality products to our clients, we put each manufacturer’s products through our rigorous quality assurance process. This way, you can trust that the solutions we provide are reliable and meet your specific needs. Additionally, our service technicians are factory-trained by our manufacturer partners to service the products we sell and can train your crew. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your upcoming maintenance and project requirements.

Armour Updates

Armour Valve is committed to keeping up to date on news, insights and trends that impact the clients we serve. Our blog features industry content and company updates to keep you in the loop.

We’re Proud to Be ISO9001 Certified.

In our commitment to quality, we’ve held continuous ISO certification since 1997.

Nous sommes fiers d'être certifiés ISO9001.

Dans le cadre de notre engagement envers la qualité, nous détenons une certification ISO continue depuis 1997.

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