Brugg CALPEX Pre-insulated Flexible Pipe


Brugg CALPEX is a flexible, plastic, low-temperature hot water system for the reliable supply of heat to district heating systems and potable water.

CALPEX – with its corrugated contours and patented outer casing provides a very high degree of flexibility during laying. A small bending radius is achievable to guide the pipe around tight curves with low force exertion. CALPEX also has the lowest heat-loss value on the market. Overall, using CALPEX results in reduced costs and increased energy efficiency that performs for decades.

  • Low temperature hot water systems, potable water
  • Lowest heat loss coefficient available
  • Cross-linked polyethylene (PEXa)
  • CFC-free polyurethane (PUR) foam insulation
  • Screwed, pressed, and electro-fusion fittings available
  • Available in single (UNO), twin (DUO), and quad (QUADRIGA) configurations
  • PN: 6/10 bar (87/145 psi)
  • Up to 80°C
  • 3/4″ to 6″




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