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Solutions you can Trust

ISO QA Certified

Through a company-wide ISO quality assurance framework, we ensure complete customer satisfaction with the product, support, and planning service that you receive.

  • We carefully pre-qualify each and every supplier and product that we recommend so that you never have to compromise on product or service quality
  • You can confidently rely on our expertise to help you plan for your upcoming material requirements
  • We inspect all products to ensure that they pass important quality checks, conform to specified requirements, and are correctly packaged for safe transportation with all required documentation prior to shipping
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Valve Health Check

Designed to help customers identify potentially costly problems, the Valve Health Check consists of a visual inspection of our products by an experienced member of our service team trained to identify signs of packing leakage, missing or damaged parts, and opportunities to improve operation and service life.

We also inspect current inventory and toolkits to ensure that you are prepared for any upcoming maintenance and repair requirements.

Purchasing Support

Save time and money on repeat orders with a fixed price list agreement that establishes consistent pricing, and addresses factory lead times issues to ensure availability.

We also support customer material requirements planning by providing recommendations for spare parts, including suggested quantities, typical lead times, and pricing information.

Shutdown Planning

Ensuring a smooth shutdown requires effective planning so that sufficient materials, including inventory for contingencies, are readily available to your maintenance personnel.

Your requirements may vary for each shutdown. An Armour Valve representative works with you to identify the right mix of valves, tools, replacement parts, training and hands-on service required to support your upcoming shutdown needs.

Armour Valve shutdown logo: toolkit in a circle icon - toolkit provided by flaticon

Shutdown Lockbox

Try Armour Valve's risk-free consignment lockbox to reduce planning time, control costs, and mitigate unforeseen product requirements.

Access the valves and parts you need, when you need them. Pay only for what you use, with no restocking fees.

Shipped directly to site, this is the ideal solution to achieve an optimal plant shutdown.

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Minimize maintenance costs and downtime while extending the life of your valves by equipping your maintenance team with Conval Toolkits. Available on a rental basis or as a full purchase, the toolkits provide all of the tools needed to effectively repair your Conval valves in-line.

Consult our service team to identify the appropriate toolkit and replacement parts for the Conval valves in your facility.