Hands-on valve training


Armour Valve offers hands-on and classroom training on maintenance, repair, operation, and automation for products that we supply. Training is tailored to your organization’s needs and can be offered at your site, in our facility, or remotely via webinar.
Delivered by our factory-trained and field-tested personnel all technical sessions and hands-on workshops equip participants with the skills and knowledge required to maintain and operate the equipment according to manufacturer specifications.


Armour Valve Hosted

We offer training at our Toronto head office which is accessible by public transit and is close to a number of hotels or at a 3rd party location near you.

Our Toronto location has an ISO 9001 onsite workshop which can also be used to facilitate additional hands-on training for your personnel.


Whether your team is new to our valves or would benefit from a refresher course, we can help you minimize health and safety risk and ensure your employees have the know-how to get the most out of our products.

Our service technicians can travel to your facility to provide on the job training within the environment your team is accustomed to working in. The technician will work with you to develop course content and a schedule that fits your specific needs.


Virtual Technical

When hands-on training is not practical, we can provide virtual training on a variety of technical topics to your personnel. This approach allows us to work with teams that are geographically dispersed without incurring any travel related expense.

Training can be delivered by our own internal experts or by the manufacturer directly and can be scheduled around shifts and other time constraints.

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Shutdown Lockbox

Try Armour Valve's risk-free consignment lockbox to reduce planning time, control costs, and mitigate unforeseen product requirements.

Access the valves and parts you need, when you need them. Pay only for what you use, with no restocking fees.

Shipped directly to site, this is the ideal solution to achieve an optimal plant shutdown.

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Minimize maintenance costs and downtime while extending the life of your valves by equipping your maintenance team with Conval Toolkits. Available on a rental basis or as a full purchase, the toolkits provide all of the tools needed to effectively repair your Conval valves in-line.

Consult our service team to identify the appropriate toolkit and replacement parts for the Conval valves in your facility.