SchuF / Fetterolf Cam-Set, Cam-Slide, Cam-Goggle, and Stacey Line Blinds


SchuF offers a full range of line blinding solutions suitable for your most critical applications. Cam-Set / Cam-Slide / Goggle designs allow for one-person operation and require no special equipment for quick change, low-cost maintenance. A wide range of materials for body and O-rings are available to suit application needs. With no bolts to be loosened or removed, you can achieve an absolute positive safe shut-off in minutes.

  • Positive isolation; fast changeover
  • No flange separation required for Cam-set/Slide/ Goggle
  • Buttweld and flanged ends
  • Carbon and stainless steel
  • Up to 60″, larger sizes upon request
  • ASME Class 150 to 1500; higher upon request


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