SchuF Piston Bottom Outlet Valves


SchuF piston bottom outlet valves are ideal for draining tanks, reactors or pipelines containing viscous media or where rapid vessel drainage is important. SchuF Piston BOV valves are dead space free without sharp corners or edges for fast and compete draining. A wide range of materials for body and trim are available to suit application needs. The valves can be cleaned in place through standard flushing ports for easy maintenance.

  • Available in dead-space free positive or radial sealing arrangements to suit the application
  • Flushing connection is standard
  • Self-draining and dead space free at the inlet
  • Wide range of materials and coatings available
  • Multistage and cage release design for pressure letdown optional
  • 1″ to 24″
  • ASME Class 150 to 2500