Campus Saves Significant Time & Cost with Flexible Piping

Issue & Importance

A campus district energy system was planning a small but challenging piping project. The expansion of a 3” hot water line was complicated by a limited utility corridor, many horizontal bends, and the construction timeline of the new building it would connect to the system. It was necessary to avoid prolonged open trenching in order to minimize disruption to pedestrian traffic and meet building construction timelines.

The Distribution Services Manager contacted Armour Valve in search of a solution and Brugg’s CASAFLEX pre-insulated flexible piping was proposed as a means to expedite project completion.


The flexible nature of CASAFLEX allows for longer sections of pipe to be installed. This results in fewer connections and expansion loops, and reduces the need for welds. As a result, trenches can be narrower than with rigid pipe and the entire installation process can be performed more quickly with less labor.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions, onsite commissioning support was not possible at the time of the project. Armour Valve provided remote comprehensive installation guidance and training to end user and contractor personnel and the project was completed on time.

DimensionFlexible PipeRigid Pipe
Time2 days2 weeks
Project Costs$18K$27K

CASAFLEX being laid into a trench
Spooled CASAFLEX being lifted into position by a crane
Pre-insulated flexible pipe is spooled and laid into a narrow trench in long sections, reducing the required number of welds


The Distribution Service Manager’s main priority was to avoid prolonged open trenching and meet construction deadlines. The project was completed in 2 days versus the estimated 10 days required to install rigid pipe. In addition to greatly reducing installation time, the flexible piping solution also delivered a significant (33%) saving on total project cost due to reduced labour requirements.

The campus continues to work with Armour Valve and has since used CASAFLEX to replace a 2” steam condensate return line on a convoluted route in a high traffic area. Corrugated, self-cleaning, and made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel (316L) Brugg’s CASAFLEX is designed to provide a long installed life in a severe service steam condensate return line.