Rotork CK Range and IQ3 Range Actuators Replace Legacy A Range Actuators


Armour Valve has recently become the CPI Channel partner for Rotork in Southern Ontario. Rotork manufactures actuation products, one of which – the A Range Actuator – is now obsolete. There are different upgrade options available including the CK Range, IQ3 Range, or IQ3 SET. It is beneficial to upgrade A Range actuators, as the newer options allow you to future-proof your site. They are also easy to use, install, maintain, and provide additional technological compatibility to improve data collection and tracking.

Photo Credit: Rotork

The CK Range and IQ Range including the IQ3 or IQ3 SET are replacements for the A Range actuator and offer different benefits, but all of them help manage obsolescence concerns and provide proactive futureproofing. The A Range Actuator was created with the essential mechanics required for its purpose, but does not include electronic or automated components.

The CK Range is a replacement for the A Range that allows for optional electronic compatibility while the IQ Range has electronic capabilities built in. The A Range does not have the ability to connect to the Rotork Bluetooth Setting Tool Pro and is not able to collect and report on data. The technology incorporated into the newer actuator designs delivers ease of use and predictive maintenance abilities not available with the A Range.

Proactively upgrading your site for the future, understanding the importance of obsolescence management, and managing the life cycle stage of your assets will result in budget predictability, improved performance, and reduced downtime.

Photo Credit: Rotork

Rotork’s CK Range Actuators

The CK actuators are designed for minimum user interaction with the primary goal of providing safe and reliable actuation in harsh environments. The modular CK product range offers simple, robust actuators with three different control package options, Standard, Atronik and Centronik:

  • Standard offers users the option of an actuator with no motor starters as direct replacement for A range SyncroSET
  • Atronik offers modest control and feedback for a simple integrated starter solution
  • Centronik offers advanced control and feedback for more complex site system integration and increased flexibility through remote mounting

Photo Credit: Rotork

Rotork’s IQ3/IQ3 SET Range Actuators

The 3rd generation IQ actuators have the built-in, advanced functionality you would get from module additions for more advanced electronic capabilities. The IQ3 SET intelligent actuators are part of the IQ3 Range and are backward compatible to 1960s legacy actuators that have non-integral starters known as SyncroSET. This backward compatibility extends to Rotork A Range actuators.

IQ3 Actuators

IQ3 actuators feature a double-sealed enclosure, ‘non-intrusive’ setting tools, data-logging, and predictive maintenance capabilities. IQ3 Range Actuators are the recommended option for those looking for advanced functionality rather than adding modules to the CK Range.

Some of the IQ3 functionality features include:

  • Trend analysis and diagnostic data collection for asset management
  • Non-intrusive, safe setting in any environment using the Rotork Bluetooth Setting Tool Pro for fast, safe, and secure commissioning as well as field upgradeability and configurable control and indication options
  • Real-time valve and actuator performance information available on screen
  • Continuous position tracking, even without power
  • Remote operation, configuration, and commissioning up to 100m from the actuator with Remote Hand Station

IQ3 SET Actuators

The IQ3 SET feature is a bridge between legacy products (backwards compatibility for legacy actuators on a site that have non-integral starters known as SyncroSET) and investment in the latest actuation technology. IQ3 SET provides benefits including:

  • Seamless integration with existing plant architecture without the need to change existing cables or control systems
  • Obsolescence management by replacing legacy actuators with the latest intelligent actuator platform, allowing access to the benefits an IQ3 brings to modern plant and network design, operation, and maintenance
  • Up-to-date actuation technology and the ability to upgrade as site control systems develop

Lifetime Management Services

Lifetime Management Services are the suite of services within Rotork Site Services that help you manage the risk associated with ageing assets. Lifetime Management assists with the migration of technology and provides a seamless transition, allowing for a reliable operation that is always available and up to date.  Lifetime Management is a customizable add-on service designed to seamlessly maintain and improve your assets.

This add-on feature is an extra asset you can choose to incorporate into your Rotork product management to provide ongoing support without significant disruption to production flows. Lifetime Management Services help to reduce downtime, maximize productivity, lower operational risk, increase reliability, improve maintenance efficiency, extend asset lifecycles, and reduce cost of ownership. Lifetime Management Services offer bespoke levels of maintenance processes that are entirely customizable to your needs.

Lifetime Management Services Include:

  • Reliability Services (Health Checks, Planned Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Enhanced Warranty)
  • Retrofit or Upgrade Services
  • Planned Shutdown Support
  • Overhaul/Refurbishment
  • Customized Spares Program
  • Training
  • Consultancy

Choosing the Right Upgrade

The CK Range, IQ3, or IQ3 SET actuators are very easy to install and maintain. They are also user-friendly, durable, fast, efficient, and reliable. Consider upgrading your obsolete actuation equipment for equipment that is easy to use, has up-to-date actuator technology, offers preventative maintenance, obsolescence management, and efficiency. Armour Valve is the Southern Ontario CPI Channel partner for Rotork, supplying Rotork CK Range and IQ Range Actuation products. Contact us to learn more about Rotork’s actuator upgrades and which product range best suits your requirements.

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