Thriving Together: A Spotlight on Career Development at Armour Valve


Armour Valve’s leadership is passionate about fostering an inclusive workplace that celebrates the unique experiences and talents of all employees. We invest in professional development to strengthen individual and team capabilities. Armour Valve is dedicated to creating an environment that enables each person to flourish and contribute meaningfully to our collective purpose: to transform infrastructure for a healthy, thriving planet.
We are intentional in fostering a culture that emphasizes building on strengths and setting people up for success, and that is guided by our core values of respect, integrity, teamwork, and excellence. Our goal as an employer is to create a supportive environment that enables individuals to do their best work and build meaningful careers.


Respect: Fostering Diverse Growth

Respect forms the bedrock of our organization, infusing every interaction and shaping every decision we undertake. At Armour Valve, we firmly believe in acknowledging and celebrating the diverse talents and backgrounds that each team member contributes. Our unwavering dedication to respect manifests in our robust retention rates, a testament to the value we place on our employees.

Just as we are devoted to providing optimal solutions for our customers’ equipment needs, we foster internal growth by cultivating talent within our ranks. Through our commitment to ongoing education and development, we alleviate the financial strain on individuals while investing in their professional evolution. Notably, a striking 50% of our current workforce have been promoted and/or have embarked on a different career path within the company during their tenure. This journey has granted them distinctive perspectives and insights into our business.

Meet our District Energy Manager Market Manager, Natalie Ganesh.

Natalie Ganesh’s passion and drive on a professional and personal level inspires us. Here’s what she had to say about her experience at Armour Valve.

“My career with Armour Valve started out as a temporary contract in the Operations department back in 1999. The camaraderie and family-oriented company culture, led me to transition into a permanent full-time role, where I’ve remained ever since. Over the years, there have been several opportunities to develop my skills and pursue advancement, based on my own interests and company goals, and I have held many positions including Inside Sales Supervisor, Customer Care Manager and most recently was encouraged to launch a new line of business in District Energy as the DE Market Manager.

Our management understands the importance of work/life balance, flexibility, and equal opportunity for growth and development for all employees and there is no shortage of support and mentorship from the men and women in our company. I am very proud to be a woman working successfully in an industry that has been largely dominated by men, and I have never found that being a woman limited my success.”


Integrity: Growing Strong Roots

In the same way that a plant’s roots establish a deep connection with the earth, Armour Valve fosters a culture where honesty and transparency are not just values, but essential cornerstones. Within our organization, HR policies act as nourishment, cultivating continuous learning and skill development. We firmly believe that a steadfast commitment to integrity empowers everyone to blossom, propelling us all towards our utmost capabilities and driving the growth of our collective endeavour.


Teamwork: Thriving Together

Teamwork is the sunlight that fuels our growth, enabling our team to thrive and adapt in a constantly changing environment. Our team members possess a variety of skills and experiences that contribute to our collective success. Our organization flourishes with a diverse range of talents and approaches – some of our employees have a steady trajectory, while others thrive in an adaptive and agile environment.
Armour Valve believes in the continuous development of our people through regular training with our supplier partners, industry specialists, and workshops led by colleaguescovering topics ranging from photography and 3D Metal Printing to retirement planning, creating a dynamic learning environment.
In the last few years, we have also launched Armour Valve Academy, an online learning platform for new employees. The Armour Valve Academy software offers both novices and seasoned professionals the chance to bolster their knowledge in valves and industry applications.


Excellence: Fostering Sustainability

Excellence is the flower that blooms from our collective effort as an organization. We continuously strive for improvement in our processes and services. We stive to be industry and application experts supplying best-fit solutions, not just products. Our HR policies advocate for continuous education and skill development, ensuring we keep pace with the evolving demands of our industry. Powered by our purpose, we are on the path to become leaders in sustainability in our sector, targeting net zero emissions by 2040 and measuring and reporting transparently on our social, environmental, and economic performance.

At Armour Valve, our core values guide us, ensuring that respect, integrity, teamwork, and excellence are the essence of our work culture. Our purpose compels us to not only improve our organization but also contribute to improving social and environmental outcomes in the society we serve. We are expanding our definition of success beyond financial performance, to measure our contribution towards transforming infrastructure for a healthy, thriving planet for all.

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Armour Valve is committed to keeping up to date on news, insights and trends that impact the clients we serve. Our blog features industry content and company updates to keep you in the loop.

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Marc Soucy, P.Eng

National Sales Manager

I am a mechanical engineer with 30 years of plant, sales and service experience. I have been on both sides of the desk and can relate with you when issues arise in the plant. You can trust that I won’t recommend a product unless I know that it will do the job for you.

Marc Soucy, P.Eng

Directeur des ventes nationales

J’ai un diplôme en génie mécanique avec 30 ans d’expérience dans les usines, les ventes, et le service. J’ai été de chaque côté du bureau et je comprends lorsque des problèmes font surface dans l’usine, l’importance que l’on doit y apporter. Vous pouvez être sûr que je ne recommanderai pas un produit à moins que je sache qu’il convient à votre application.